Jointcap X4™
Jointcap X4™

Jointcap X4™ Joint Health Support

  • 500mg Meriva® Curcumin Extract
  • 290mg Black Currant Extract
  • 250mg Casperome® Boswellia
  • 120mg White Willow Extract

At AI Wellness, we believe that movement is an essential element of athleticism and overall health. This is precisely why we created JOINTCAPx4, because how you move through life is as important as how you move in the gym.

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JOINTCAPx4 was formulated to support overall joint health, as well as a healthy natural inflammatory response to exercise — both essential qualities to keep you moving and performing at your best.The herb Curcumin, widely praised for its joint mobility benefits, is poorly absorbed in most commercially available forms, but JOINTCAPx4 utilizes MERIVA®, a patented delivery form of curcumin shown to greatly improve the absorption of its active molecules. JOINTCAPx4 also utilizes the patented herbal delivery compound CASPEROME® for Boswellia, which greatly improves the performance of this popular Ayurvedic herb known for its for joint health properties.†

Keep mobility and performance high with JOINTCAPx4 — because muscle without movement is meaningless.

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